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Heavy HEMA Federschwert: Morholt is designed to recreate the work of a very long sword. The fairly rigid blade is perfectly acting on the binding. It's a superb solution for those who depend on accurate reconstruction of the blades used by the old masters.
All our steel swords are made of HF 50 KRUPP steel - tool-spring steel withstanding high stresses. Handles are printed in 3D technology, covered with high quality cowhide or synthetic cord and varnished.
--> Flexible and durable - hardened to 50 HRC, made of the highest quality steel.
--> The crossguard is connected with the blade using high temperature processes guaranteeing maximum durability to withstand heavy strikes
--> The point of the sword is cut directly from a billet of steel with a CNC machine, what ensures durability and safety
--> Mass customization: Ricasso, handle, guard, balance and engravings
--> Weight: 1.65 kg
--> Point of balance: 10, 12 or 14 cm from hilt
--> Length of blade: 99 cm
--> Total length: 128 cm

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Federschwert / longsword