BALDVIN Jr. - Arming Trainer

Training tool simulating one hand sword.

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At current date the queue and crafting time for this product is 40 working days.
Training tool for those who value their lamps, flat and loved ones.
One small and clever tool able to reproduce weight and balance of any type of one handed sword you may want to use.
By adding or subtracting lead weights you change weight from 1 up to 1,8 kg.
Moving weights along blade gives you possibility to move point of balance.
Handle with pommel, crossguard and full finish of normal sword will be great improvement over any makeshift tool.
You may change settings to match perfect conditions for particular training without buying numerous training swords.
PS. You will greatly reduce radius of training destruction!
--> Point of balance: where you want it!
--> Weight: 1 - 1,8 kg
--> Length: 50 cm - half of it covered by handle