Ultimate grail for synthetic, stick and TSL fencing

�lvl2 Jacket

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At current date the queue and crafting time for this product is 60 working days.

The whole jacket is made of breathable cushioning mesh providing hit protection and safety. By dropping Newton rated materials and changing it for ultradurable outer cover it protects perfectly from any weapon with the tip of bigger diameter than 6mm and provides full airflow from any side. Long training sessions? forget about cooking yourself.
For additional safety, jacket has pockets with removable inserts working as bracers

--> For any weapon with tip over 3mm radius
--> Breath Zone - air pass from all sides
--> Design inspired by talhoffer doublet
--> 360 bladecatcher protecting all sides of neck
--> Outer layer made of durable, abrasion resistant fabric
--> Single YKK zipper closing reinforced by velcro for maximum protection
--> Internal lining made of 3d cooling mesh
--> Sewn together by extremely strong threads used in the production of parachutes
--> Sleeves cut for unrestricted arm movement
--> Custom sizing available for free
--> 3d mesh only areas allowing free air flow and cooling
--> 3d mesh only areas additionally covered be tear resistant military-grade net
--> For this jacket you may add embroidery for free!

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