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Bolognese Sidesword light - Danelli Armouries line

Pure essence of Danelli’s sidesword.

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This model is based on the earliest form of sidesword, those closer to the arming sword in form and shape bearing the simplest hilt. The spare protection and very light weight allow us the purest form of Bolognese fencing. The blade is shorter than later models and coupled with the lightest weight among sidesword the dynamics allow for great mobility in the cutting mechanics for style like Manciolino, Marozzo or Anonimo Bolognese.

→ Lightest sidesword choice among the line up.

→ Simple design and great mobility, purest form of Bolognese style

→ Hollow ground blade to match the weight added by the safe 2mm edges

→ Safe broad tip - enough for light sparring and easy slide an extra rubber protection on top

→ Balanced blade flexibility, in the last third - flexible enough to be safe, strong enough for accurate techniques.


Weight: 930 grams

Length: 106 cm - 42"

Width: 24 cm - 9"½

Blade lenght: 92 cm - 36"

Blade width: 3.5 cm - 1"½

PoB: 10 cm - 3"¾

We estimate that these first swords will be ready within 2 months but it's not the ultimate date. Please note that this is dev presale and we don't have specified production tempo righ now.