Cup Hilt Rapier - Danelli Armouries line

Mandatory weapon of every rapierist. Simple as that.

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This is where all begun, the first ever model created for Danelli Armouries entry level line. Well rounded and reliable Rapier, equally good for both Spanish and Italian fencing styles. Great blade flexibility to be safe even in the strongest lunge, but the blade also flexes in the last third of the blade, so to be strong enough to work with cuts and binds. Simple yet refined hilt design gives you the right dimensions for a proper grip and the sturdy cup offers the needed protection. Comes with blades length 107 or 115 cm (42" or 45").

→ Great blade flexibility but only in the last third

→ Rapier equally good for both Spanish and Italian fencing styles

→ Safe solid tip - enough for light sparring and easy to slide an extra rubber protection on top

→ Solid cup for maximum protection

→ All the dynamics a rapier needs to have fitted in a simple design to bring it to you at a reasonable price


Weight: 1 kg [1.1 kg]

Ov. Length: 121 cm (47"½ ) [129 cm (50”½)]

Guard width: 27 cm (10" 3/4)

Blade length: 107 cm (42") [115 cm (45”)]

Blade width (ricasso): 2 cm (3/4")

Point of balance from the cup: 3,5 cm (1" 1/4)

Point of balance from quillons: 10,5 cm (4")

We estimate that these first swords will be ready within 2 months but it's not the ultimate date. Please note that this is dev presale and we don't have specified production tempo righ now.