Entity responsible/Marketing Authorisation Holder:
Neyman Fencing - Maciej Spława-Neyman
Roland 7 03-610 Warsaw
NIP: 5242662523
Code: 141784908

1) The shop sells the goods online.
2) The orders are placed and accepted via the online shop at .
3) After placing the order, the customer receives a message of acceptance of the order.
4) The processing of the order starts after payment from the customer is received.
5) The order is prepared and shipped within date shown on the product page with order time being adjusted to highest production time in cart. The exception are products with individual shipping time like Products in Development or custom orders.
6) For the each order bill or invoice is issued.The bill or the invoice is issued at the time when all the goods ordered by the customer are completed and ready for shipment.
7) In case of ordering the product from standard offer, the customer can cancel the order in full before shipment. If the order is not standard (product sewn to size, tailored to the individual needs of customer, non black colors), the customer can cancel the order only until the start of production.
8) The introduction of these changes (custom sizes) is possible through contact by e-mail at
9) All prices are presented in Euro. The price of each commodity is binding at the time of order. We reserve the right to change prices of goods on offer, introducing new products to offer in online store, carry and cancel promotions on our website or make changes in them.
10) According to the Act of March 2, 2000 "About protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product," the customer may return goods purchased in our store for any reason within 10 days from the date of delivery. This does not apply to products made to measure (non-standard sizes and non black colors) and products from outside the offer, made in accordance with the instructions of the contracting authority.
11) Return of the goods is possible only, if the product was not used and has not been damaged in any way.
12) The goods must be returned together with the receipt. The store guarantees refund equal to the price of goods. Money will be returned within 7 working days from receiving complete return of the goods and the receipt or the signed copy of correcting invoice by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer or by mail at the address indicated in order. The cost of the delivery of goods returned is not refundable.
13) All products available in the store are covered by 12 month manufacturer's warranty.
14) If after receiving goods the client finds technical defects, can obtain service under the warranty.
15) In case of complaint, customer should send back the defective product by post to the address of the store. We do not accept any parcels sent COD.
16) Returned goods must be accompanied by a copy of a receipt or invoice.
17) Complaints are dealt with within 14 days from the date of receipt by the shop consignment of the defective product.
18) In case of a justified complaint, the damaged product will be repaired or replaced by another, full blown, and if it is impossible to the store, the buyer will be paid the equivalent of the price of product or offered other goods available in the store.
19) The costs associated with returning the goods complaint, shall be borne by the customer, if defects are detected within 10 days since delivery to customer - shop.
20) The contract of sale of goods is concluded in accordance with Polish law.
21) The competent court for any disputes arising from the contract of sale is the court competent for the defendant or the court competent for the place of performance of the contract.
22) Products with non-standard sizes due to the nature of their production must sometimes be corrected and adjusted to the customer, in which case Neyman Fencing does not bear the costs for returning (and delivering) product for the fitting or re-fitting.

American Pizza Rule.
1)If order contains only items under American Pizza Rule, the preparation will take no longer than preparation of the item with longest crafting time in the cart.
2)In case of  preparation time extending over the limit without informing client about reason of delay from manufacturer, items will be refunded and shipped on cost of manufacturer.
3)Time is measured from time of acceptance of payment by manufacturer to sending date of shipping notice to customer.
4)1 week of promotion translates to 5 workdays.
5)In case of custom sized or non black colored items in order the time limit is extended by 1 week.

Dev Presale.
1)Dev presale is Neyman Fencing idea support platform
2) There is no designated deadline to dev presale projects and timeframe estimations are not reclamation valid
3) Investment for the product will be fully refunded if Neyman Fencing leaves the invested project. And as an investment, it can't be withdrawn under any other condition before the end of dev presale.
4) The items given for investment are nonreturnable but they are covered with a guarantee.

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