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Jacket upgreades insight

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Neyman Fencing as a home for people with individual needs. thanks to that over the years we crystallized a list of most common customizations accommodating to many groups different requirements. Many not all is a key here. Any feature that would benefit and fit all we implement always straight into all of our jackets. Example? 360 blade-catcher, moisture-absorbent fabrics, 800N fabric etc all of those are in all our products. For example, despite how useful back ventilation is, aesthetics for many of you are an important factor in choosing equipment. Hence many prefer to skip on them praising our jackets as cool enough without additional cooling features. For all other, that think they could use it or any other of our many jacket addons we created upgrades. With the production line so well suited for custom and tailor-made jobs, we can offer an endless amount of features. You may be surprised but things like back-zipper, ventilation, spine protector, magnetic sword strap may be used together... ALL AT ONCE! So if you have needs based on a way you fight, or with whom you fight. You may be interested in, for example, protecting your spine or reducing or increasing padding. Maybe you live in the tropics or any other hot region. Ventilation will do it for you. And you know what? That's actually only an example. If you have needs no one offers a solution to, contact us. It doesn't mean you need to tell us how to craft your solution. No. You can contact us to think about that problem, join our experience and together we may find it. You may be surprised how much you can achieve with a brainstorm if you from the start brand something as possible and worth achieving. solutions come almost by themselves. And here we elaborate little more about which upgrade does what. Enjoy the read


If you want protection with the lowest profile possible and still have it properly on the outside this is for you. Those pockets hold semirigid plates you can easily remove or replace based on your needs. This item still should be used with shoulder and elbow protector.
If your fights may involve someone coming at you from behind, your spine may be in danger. having a spine protector directly on the jacket has little to no weight and do not restrict you in any way.
Hide your bib and neck behind reinforced and enlarged neck piece. Semirigid plate absorbs any thrust to an easy to withstand level, our 360 bladecatcher is still present on it. You don't need to worry about bib moving out of the inside due to the internal neck mechanism.
402-home_default.png Reinforcement for your upper spine. For any accident that may go beyond the other levels of safety. Like too short occiput protector or lack of it
Our renowned arm guards already attached to the jacket. Light, protective and detachable.
Cushioned padding meant to pass air. Be protected and stay cool

Those flaps are an extension to a protected area for a jacket without impacting mobility. Extensions are made in style matching the chosen jacket

Special neodymium magnets strap to hold your sword on the back to have it always with you. XXI century alternative for the scabbard.
An alternative to front closure, eliminating the front zipper edge that can catch blades, the lvl3 jacket has a protection plate at the front of the chest
Multicolor detailed logo or nameplate attached to your jacket on the back
20181207_115056.png Additional security for body adjustment. We used a special military grade clasp for it.
400-home_default.png Replaces synthetic wadding with distal mesh. Making the garment lighter, cooler and preventing it from soaking with water.
Adds an extra padding layer either synthetic or mesh depending on the jacket for additional blow cushioning

ON DEMAND That's a cool idea but you should know a few things first before you go there. If you are interested contact us
Removing any padding from the jacket leaving only a thin coat and/or inside plates on lvl 2 and 3 (for light weapons or Neyman plastron users)
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