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Noone who ever dealt with, Fencing, HEMA, reenactment or any sport requiring solid padded protection is stranger to an over-heating problem.
Solutions on the market tend to only look like they are working or even impair general protection on products.
Any grommets on the back will stop working as soon as the jacket start sticking to the body "like a mouth without lungs"
Thin fabric with holes may work for basketball but is little too risky for fencing sports.
Cooling packs are much better on making you sick then cool.
And That's where Neyman Fencing comes and starts experimenting.
Our approach was finding material which could pass air and still provide cushioning.
Out of 71 types of distal meshes, we found "the one" back in the 2017 with first Zero-0 Jacket

The fabric holds no water, passes thru air almost limitless and is lighter than regular padding but still provides compression protection.
With our success copies were soon to follow but even till today, they fail to protect and match our comfort.
First NF uses mesh much softer and refined used for the clothing industry, not a rigid one. We highly recommend considering that before you buy something that looks similar. But will start to deteriorate after the first fight.

Mesh with special protective cover can be used for the whole jacket. But we do recommend then to fence with broad tip feeders or synthetics in general.

Even in our regular jackets with will not pass this much air thru anti-piercing material, there is a benefit to use it. Like mentioned before it doesn't hold water and is really light. A jacket like this has only a minor protection reduction but becomes almost half lighter. apart from padding made from this material you can add padded full back ventilation with will drop your heat levels to absolute minimum almost like in zero jackets.

For those who want this air benefit on a regular fully protective jacket. lvl 2 or lvl3 have a thinner version of mesh integrated inside for what we call air-zone a thin close to body airflow. ARTICLE ON LEVELS

Currently, Neyman Fencing developed Historical designs from periods known for usage of chainmail.
With mesh and chainmail having the benefit of having holes thru them. You gain clothing with direct to body airflow giving you a lot of comforts where you need to strive with the weight of your chainmail. A must-have for any reenactor who knows what it means to wear chainmail for 1+h
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