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Armadillo: Lessons and Improvements of 2018

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We finally finished all changes suggested by Jason Barrons, the exact list of those changes will appear later in this post,
You can observe them in photos attached to this post. Implementing changes it was very time and money consuming and took almost 3 months! Starting from prototyping and conceptual work, through 3d printing, to the final phase of milling in aluminium in order to create perfect moulds.

Next ultra-important announcement is information about Armadillo ONLY 100 pairs left to manufacture!
This is a great success, especially if we think about problems and complication we had to pass through, but on the other hand, it has to be like that as Armadillos are our most ambitious and most complicated project! More?
So hear that! Each of those 100 pairs is started in production! We have hope that You won't have to wait long anymore!

Next revelation is that we started NF Blog, where every 3 days we will share with You the progress and product photos from Armadillo production line! Here! Click this link and transfer Your consciousness into mad-sphere of Neyman blog zone!

About the changes:We

mastered the shell design, the part which is protecting knuckles and sides of the hand, also part protecting the middle of the hand and
thumb according to clues given us by Jason Barron's. We also changed the thickness of padding what together with the redesign of finger plates gave us
astronomically-high protection increase. We also changed that what most of You pointed us as a design failure - and we talking here about too tight rubbers that held plates near to fingers.

So what also should be perfected?

Right now gloves, when new and fresh are quite stiff and hard to wear, and same like in the rest of our gauntlets, it's necessary to
use them for a while and break them in - we don't like it and with next upgrade we will try to soften them in a way that will allow You to use them with 100%
efficiency right after unboxing. Also, we want to change mounting of finger plates to make repair and modification easy even for very unskilled user 🙂

Many of You can say now " what a shame that I got early version of gloves", yes its true but this will be thought only of those who
forgot that we are Neyman Fencing, and Neyman Fencing always supports customer needs and expectations - every customer independently when
made a purchase - after we will finish current queue (100 pairs) - will be give you the opportunity to get glove update (thanks to module design of the gauntlets)
to the newest and highest version. You didn't expect that, huh?

And now the confession…

We are aware that production of our Armadillos is long, we feel bad and stupid for that, it's not because we planned it, sadly we incorrectly estimated time we needed to master the designs and time needed for implementation into serial production. Deadly for estimated time frame were also all of the changes we applied -
which according to company policy were necessary as we want to offer You only best product which will be our shiny star, our child, and biggest accomplishment!

For consolation, we can tell You that fail is a necessary part of success - great examples are here Montoya gloves - they were
born in great pain, and now they are the greatest bestseller for about 2 years.

Remember please, as always Neyman Fencing will reward their customers delays, and nobody will be left behind feeling sorry.

Friends, Customers, And NF fanboys;-) thank You for that You are with us, understand us and support us, we are community company
without You, there is no us.

NF Team.